What Type of Camera is Best for Baby Photography?

You know, every parent adores his little one. From the time your baby was born to the time he took his first steps to the day he first smiled, you have managed to capture all these memories in your DLSR.

But are you completely satisfied with the quality of the photos that you actually have? Would you say that your camera has captured your baby in the best possible light?

Many new parents I know buy a new camera after their baby is born, and suddenly have a surge of interest in the art of digital photography. This is understandable, since you’d want to preserve every single special moment in your child’s life where possible.

If you think you could use a brand new camera to take better digital photo shots of your baby then check out the following tips.

1. Go with Longer Battery Life and Huge Memory Storage

If you are going to take a lot of baby photos then you should go with a camera that batteries that could last longer since you will need to patiently wait till your cute little subjects are ready to shoot.

A longer battery life is also advisable when you want to take outdoor snapshots.

A digital camera with huge memory storage is also a must since you will be taking photos and videos again and again until you get the most perfect shot.

And for a digital camera with the best battery life and tons of file storage then you should consider the Canon PowerShot SX130 IS.

This has expandable file storage along with 4x zoom features, 12.1 megapixel resolutions, optical image stabilizers, efficient 3.0inch LCD screen and so much more.

Plus it runs on two AA batteries so you do not have to wait too long to have it full charged; just have a bag full of AA batteries with you and you are ready to go.

2. Choose High Definition Features

You would certainly want to take high definition photos of your baby so you can view these on you high definition devices in amazing quality. The truth is for anyone to be able to shoot high definition photos and videos; he has to have an efficient HD camera and an HD device to view the file.

And so your full HD camera becomes the first piece of the puzzle. You need an HD camera with a wide LCD touch screen, high megapixel resolution and of course full-HD movie recording capabilities.

Possibly the best camera for HD photography is the Panasonic DMX-FX700. This camera may be 4 years old but it still has one of the best HD features that every parent must have. You can depend on the DMX – FX700 with an iAuto features, intelligent ISO, Motion Deblur and efficient Intelligent Exposure.

So what’s probably left to do is to point and shoot and of course to admire your little one’s HD photos and videos afterwards!

3. Sharing Features

Most parents love to take photos and keep them as beautiful keepsakes but now that almost everyone is connected via social media online, parents need a camera that will easily share photos and videos as soon as they are ready.

And of course you would want to make that camera loaded with features and should be easy to use now that you have so many things to keep in mind.

The Kodak family of EasyShare cameras are a delight to all parents. These cameras have higher resolutions, have a sleek and slim design, easy to use menus and amazing auto features that will allow parents to simply point and shoot without making drastic adjustments.

Capture your baby’s candid moments easy and share them easy as well; the EasyShare cameras connects to a computer via USB 2.0 and with just the click of a Share button, you can automatically upload photos to Facebook, YouTube or any file sharing social media site.

It runs on rechargeable Lithium ion battery which means you have a lot of juice to take photos outdoors and anywhere you want to go.

4. Go for a Budget-friendly Camera

And of course you may want to look for a budget –friendly digital camera too. Cameras for the budget conscious are available in all shapes, sizes, features and brands; from the easy on the pocket digital camera to high quality models that will truly take high quality photos for the most reasonable price.

A good way to start shopping for the best camera for your little one is to go online. Read camera reviews and comparisons so you have a better chance of finding the best digital camera that will suit your needs.

That’s all I have for now. Until next time, have fun with those baby photos! These are precious moments – cherish those memories of your child before they grow up!